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We talk about "abundant life" in our churches regularly. What does it actually have come.” And Jesus calls that life "abundant" in John
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And the answer, of course, is no. Everyone is given his free agency. The question is asked: Should every young man fill a mission? And the answer of the Church is yes, and the answer of the Lord is yes. Enlarging this answer we say: Certainly every male member of the Church should fill a mission, like he should pay his tithing, like he should attend his meetings, like he should keep his life clean and free from the ugliness of the world and plan a celestial marriage in the temple of the Lord. While there is no compulsion for him to do any of these things, he should do them for his own good.

We have often sung:. There is no compulsion in any part of the gospel. This means that since Adam the Lord has taught us correct doctrines and we may accept or reject them, but the responsibility is ours. It means that, having the Holy Ghost which we received at baptism time, we all know good from evil.

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The conscience whispers to us what is right and what is wrong. We cannot blame others or circumstances. We know what is right.

Every person has his free agency. He may steal or curse or drink; he may defile himself with pornographic material; he may lazy away his life, fail to do his duty, commit sexual sins, or even take life. There is no force, but he must know that sin brings its proper punishment, sooner or later and in total, so that one is stupid indeed to choose to do the wrong things.

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Every person can fail to attend his meetings, fail to pay his tithing, fail to fill a mission, ignore his temple obligations and privileges, but if he is smart, he must know that he is the deprived one. Of course, we do not send young men steeped in uncleanness and sexual or other sins. Certainly such an one would need to be cleansed by deep repentance before he could be considered. And so we repeat it: Every LDS male who is worthy and able should fill a mission. Then in order to have a full and abundant life that is clean and open, every lad needs to plan his course, and covenant with himself and his Heavenly Father what his life will be and what he will do to glorify it.

Sell me ten years so that I can be the man I would have been.

Peace of Mind

But I am not prepared. Give me two years of time so that I will be prepared to take the job next month. Time to do so many things I wanted to do, that I must do. If that morning I whistled at my work, it was because a great happiness filled my heart. For I still had time, if I used it well. Let me tell you of one of the goals that I made when I was still but a lad. When I heard a Church leader from Salt Lake City tell us at conference that we should read the scriptures, and I recognized that I had never read the Bible, that very night at the conclusion of that very sermon I walked to my home a block away and climbed up in my little attic room in the top of the house and lighted a little coal-oil lamp that was on the little table, and I read the first chapters of Genesis.

A year later I closed the Bible, having read every chapter in that big and glorious book. I found that this Bible that I was reading had in it 66 books, and then I was nearly dissuaded when I found that it had in it 1, chapters, and then I also found that it had 1, pages. It was formidable, but I knew if others did it that I could do it.


I found that there were certain parts that were hard for a year-old boy to understand. There were some pages that were not especially interesting to me, but when I had read the 66 books and 1, chapters and 1, pages, I had a glowing satisfaction that I had made a goal and that I had achieved it. Now I am not telling you this story to boast; I am merely using this as an example to say that if I could do it by coal-oil light, you can do it by electric light.

I have always been glad I read the Bible from cover to cover. I had heard all of my life about the Word of Wisdom and the blessings that could come into my life through living it. I had seen people chewing tobacco, and it was repulsive to me. It seemed foolish to me and seemed such a waste of time and energy. Later when the practice became more sophisticated, they bought their cigarettes readymade. I remember how repulsive it was to me when women began to smoke. I remember as a boy going to the Fourth of July celebration on the streets of my little town and seeing some of the men as they took part in the horse racing as participator or as gambler, betting on the horses, and I noted that many of them had cigarettes in their lips and bottles in their pockets and some were ugly drunk and with their bleary eyes and coarse talk and cursing.

Again I was nauseated to think that men would so disgrace themselves, and again I made up my mind that while I would drink the pink lemonade on the Fourth of July and watch the horses run, that I never would drink liquor or swear or curse as did many of these fellows of this little town. And I remember that without being pressured by anyone, I made up my mind while still a little boy that I would never break the Word of Wisdom.

I knew where it was written and I knew in a general way what the Lord had said, and I knew that when the Lord said it, it was pleasing unto him for men to abstain from all these destructive elements and that the thing I wanted to do was to please my Heavenly Father. And so I made up my mind firmly and solidly that I would never touch those harmful things.

Having made up my mind fully and unequivocably, I found it not too difficult to keep the promise to myself and to my Heavenly Father. I remember once in later years when I was district governor of the Rotary Clubs of Arizona that I went to Nice, France, to the international convention. As a part of that celebration there was a sumptuous banquet for the district governors, and the large building was set for an elegant meal. When we came to our places, I noted that at every place there were seven goblets, along with numerous items of silverware and dishes; and everything was the best that Europe could furnish.

As the meal got underway, an army of waiters came to wait on us, seven waiters at each place, and they poured wine and liquor. Seven glass goblets were filled at every plate. The drinks were colorful. I was a long way from home; I knew many of the district governors; they knew me.

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But they probably did not know my religion nor of my stand on the Word of Wisdom. You are thousands of miles from home. There is no one here to watch you. No one will ever know if you drink the contents of those goblets. This is your chance! Again, my young brethren, in my boyhood I remember one time when the sheriff startled us when he came and announced that under the floorboards of the porch of the home just up the street from where we lived they had found a considerable cache of stolen articles.

The young man who lived in that home was termed a kleptomaniac. He seemed to have a mania for stealing things, even items he had no use for himself. Numerous people in the town had been reporting that their buggy whips and their buggy robes were taken. Here they were under the porch, and this boy finally admitted to having stolen them.

But a day comes when he begins to care that he [does] not cheat his neighbor. Then all goes well.

He has changed his market-cart into a chariot of the sun. We offer many diversified activities for the active and not so active residents. Our bus transports residents to the local grocery stores on a weekly basis. Monthly outings and scheduled events are planned according to season. Abundant Life of Perrysburg Learn More. Location We are located in the Three Meadows neighborhood, adjacent to Route 20 and downtown Perrysburg.

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Transportation Our bus transports residents to the local grocery stores on a weekly basis. What Our Customers Say. Nice place. Very clean and modern. Very nicely decorated. A great place for Senior living. They keep the grounds kept up very well and the apartments in great shape. Very neat and clean retirement community for our senior citizens.