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We expect all usa bikes to be processed within the next 4 weeks so by then we hope to be sending out emails to you and the rest to let you know that your bike is on its way. Thanks so much for your extreme patience. I'm sure once you are zooming around town you'll quickly see that it was totally worth the wait - especially when using it in YOUR area! I need to change my ship ping address so have sent couple emails to hello mate. How to process changing the address?

Christine Vardaros Hi Ryo, i will tell them to change it now and to confirm via email to you. My bikes were delivered this morning. The fenders are damaged and there are no joker lights. Just shy of 3 months from the ship ping info. Just finished assembly and overall I am happy with the quality. No charger sparking issues WHEW! Plan on taking them for a test ride this afternoon. Christine what is the link again for damaged fenders and missing joker lights?

Christine Vardaros HI Bryan, the rear fender is supposed to have a dent in it to help clear the chain. Please fill out this form for joker lights so we can get it mailed to you as soon as we start ship ping out the extra parts. Hi Christine, Do you know if the container with my bikes arrived in Rotterdam, as i was told before? And any idea of date of drop ship ment of my 2 bikes order nr ? Christine Vardaros Hoi Bauke, your both bikes arrived in Rotterdam 24 September and are undergoing customs. As soon as they are released, they first need to be processed, brought to our warehouse, labeled and handed over to our local delivery partner.

When they finally have the bikes you will get an email from them with tracking number - a separate email per bike normally. This can take some weeks so please be patient during this process. Hi, I have paid my invoices the one regarding the bike is no. From your updates, all the bikes should be ready as of today. I didn't receive any news about the ship ment. May I ask you when my bike will be ship ped? May I know also something more about the delivery of the extra perks? Based on this, i wonder who would have told you that by today your bike would already be produced and ship ped considering it is only 25 days since you paid.

We are still working on ship ping bikes from backers who paid a year and two months ago. We kindly ask you to read our latest update on actual ship ping schedules. Thanks very much. Andrea Begnardi I'm sorry for my mistake,I read that the last batch of bikes should be ready by mid-October. I don't know if my bike is included. I would like to highlight the fact that I paid so late because I was waiting for an answer to a couple of emails I sent, but after a few months I decided to pay the invoices anyway.

But I wasn't writing to complain, I understand the difficulty of this operation. I hope you have a schedule. More Mate entertainment. The company takes a year or more to produce the bikes.

Photo info

And now on my umpteenth update that my final bike is in production and will ship in the next 3 weeks. Until mid October when it will again be delayed and ship mid November. And over and over. As far as I can tell, there are somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 containers full of bikes in warehouses in LA and Copenhagen. They have been there for weeks. Surely this money could be used to hire more staff to process the bikes faster than this. This is not rocket science. Christine Vardaros Hi Mark, thanks so much for your kind advice.

Are you sure? Normally my byke isnt in a container. Was ship ped back to you and you just need to ship it again. I have the feeling you ll never solve the problem. Christine Vardaros Hi Rocco, oops, yeah, sorry, i now remember! Normally you should get an email from the ship ping company this week to try and redeliver. Considering that we are already on Monday, and the tracking events is still in the ' Ship ment is expected, but not yet in sorting process' I assume that the delivery will be not today, so the estimated delivery was wrong once again, delay and delay.

Can you tell me what's happening? Where is my bike? Thanks Luciano F. We know as much as you which i totally get is frustrating as we too are frustrated by this; Just hold on tight a few extra days pleaseeeee xxx. Luciano Falcone Thank you for your answer and your help. Now, tracking the number I don't see any Estimated Delivery date, so maybe the idea to have MY bike this week will be only a dream Dear Christine, end of August you replied: "Dear Dejan, We are continuing to assemble and ship bikes weekly.

Invoice Whatever is right status! That was based on the news i had at the time; As things change literally daily here as we are doing everything for the first time and figuring all out as we go, the delivery date has been changed accordingly. So what i see at this very moment in time is that your bike should be produced and ready to ship out within 3 weeks' time.

Thanks sooo very much for your patience. Hello, i tracked my order: YMLU and the bike looks like to be in Rotterdam now from 17 of september. After this date no more update loades on the searates website. Please can you give more details about the ship ping to Italy? And last question: the packages that i upsold will arrive with the bike too? Same pack? Thanks, Fabio Rispoli. Christine Vardaros Ciao Fabio, it takes weeks to process the bike, then it gets labelled and sent to our partner ship ping company to be sent to your home.

When our partner ship ping company for Italy has your bike you will get an email so you know when to expect it in your home. This can take another weeks or so - hopefully of course sooner! You have the bike in your warehouse, why is so hard to ship it?

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They can only process max 2 containers a day so it can be any day now that you will get an email to let you know that your bike will be with you shortly. I swear I haven't heard a single thing from you guys about my backing Christine Vardaros Hi Ashley, you didnt hear from us because you never confirmed your invoice unfortunately. The second you go to X. On July 28, I received an email saying my order was being ship ped. Please can you let me know where my bikes are? Christine Vardaros Hi Vu, both your bikes are in LA, in the warehouse, held with everyone else's bikes.

They are finally released now and being sent out slowly as of last week. Thanks a lot for your patience. Hello Mate Team, Any news for switzerland as of ship ping date from china? Christine Vardaros Hi Philippe, they booked the containers for ship ping out - emails should arrive to swiss backers by today or Tuesday i am told.

Thxx for your extreme patience. Christine Vardaros Hi Daniel, your I expect your Burnt Orange Beast is in production and will be ship ped out within the next weeks from what i know. We will send you an email the moment it is ship ped. Thanks very much for your patience x. Christine Vardaros Hi Brian, your bike is in production and should be ship ping out in the next couple weeks.

We thank you very very much for your patience with us. The moment yours is ship ped we will send you an email. Christine Vardaros Hi Mike, your order is just fine - my guess is that it was a bit delayed since i see the invoice was confirmed some months after you placed the order. I expect within the next couple weeks or so you should get an email from us that your bike is on its way. Thanks soooo much for your patience. And it's finally happened , one year and whole one week of waiting , and guess what? Received ship ping tracking and even that is useless for over a month now , cant track a s Christine Vardaros Hi Aivars, as you know, your bikes are both in Rotterdam warehouse and within the next couple weeks or so you should get at least a tracking email if not the bikes.

Happy Sunday! When are you going to send the ship ment to the UAE please? Can you estimate in which month? Christine Vardaros Hi Mohannad, we are still actively working out our ship ping solution to your area. Soon enough we will have more info and email you directly. We very very much appreciate your patience with us. Happy sunday Just viewed your Instagram; have to be a famous celebrity to get not one, but five bikes to show off on IG. Disappointing knowing early backers of your campaign have still not received their bikes.

You've delivered bikes with no problem to famous people to further promote the MATE X yet fail to take care of your backers first. I backed Aug 9, and now told that my bike is scheduled to be ship ped mid-Oct. Christine Vardaros Hi Marivic, as long as you emailed your correct address, your bike should be delivered there. And we earmarked bikes already from the beginning of the campaign for this exact purpose.

This is standard practice with any company that is working towards being around for its customers for years to come. Thanks very much for your understanding. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday. Christine, how about a real update for bikes ship ping to South Africa? It is now almost the beginning of October All bikes were supposed to be ship ped by mid-October.

Could I have some solid information instead of "very soon, just be patient, you'll be so happy when it arrives. Christine Vardaros Hi Joe, i do not have more info than what you read in our updates. The second they have more info they will email you. You wrote: As for the third one, as i wrote below we sent out more bikes yesterday to EU and next week more.

Christine Vardaros Hi Ralf, i didnt see it in the ship ment of this week i just got list last night so emails go out monday but could be in the next one so please hang on tight. Can I get estimate arrival date for my bike, contribution id ? Has it been made? Ship ped? Christine Vardaros Hi Dave, your jet grey just ship ped out.

Hi Cristine. Any news on ship ments to Andorra, It hasnt been mentioned anywhere despite me asking you on here a while back and via email. Could you please let me know whats up? Christine Vardaros Hi Derin, we didnt mention Andorra in particular because your bikes are being ship ped out with EU. The moment yours ship s out you'll get an email from us.

As Urte mentioned your new charger has already been ship ped and the form you filled out will make sure a new display is sent out to as well. It will not be instant since it is a warranty case and we are still building our Pick and Ship system in Hong Kong, so please understand that it will take some time. Thanks for your patience and have a great weekend!

Nathan - Tech. Christine Vardaros Hi Santo, yes, they are sending out your new charger and we from the Denmark office are personally ship ping out your display. The CS didnt know this, my fault. Sorry for the confusion. Hi how long before you ship to the uk,will it be this side of Brexit? ID Christine Vardaros Hi Daniel, as you probably know already your bike is in Rotterdam and within the next days your bike will also be processed and sent over to you.

You should first get an email. Thanks for your patience. Daniel young Thanks for your reply. Hi, Could you tell us how many containers are now in this Rotterdam warehouse? You said a lot. How many? Today is 1 mount since the container with my bike arrived in Rotterdam. Christine Vardaros Hi Svetlin, i think around 15 containers. The rest start again next monday. Hope this helps to know. Christine Vardaros Oh, and some are waiting now exactly 2 months since their bikes arrived in Rotterdam.

Totally sucks, we totally get it. My invoice 's are for the bike plus options and for the color display I added the day after. The space is blank for "sent to production at" but I have been put in production group "F". Thanks and have a great weekend! Christine Vardaros Hi Donald, I just checked on your order and your bike is not yet sent but more emails go out next week, then shortly after that. That includes yours. Dear all Swiss-Backers i have mail-news from mate. Hey Rolando Thanks for your e-mail! We understand how much you would love to see your MATE already!

And we will update all Switzerland backers as soon as we have more news about the ship ping solutions. Our production is already fully up and running successfully. This is crazy!!! I cant get refund for 3 months, then for some reason you still sending me bike. Then you tell me, you will not refund me because sending me bike. Because you are the ship per. This is ridiculous. What do I have to do to get my money back? Tomas Gnomas And how can I know you doing some thing at all?

Christine, I ordered the XOXO package order and only received my first bike a few weeks ago after it was sent to the wrong address. I never received any last mile ship ping notification. I updated my address when you guys notified everyone there was a problem on your and didn't hear back. It is still wrong on mate. Christopher Bolin I appreciate you guys are busy but I simply want to know that someone knows where my bike is? Do you have my correct address? I've written support 3 times and haven't heard anything.

When can I get a color display? Christine Vardaros Hi Casey, you can order this on the webshop. If it is already ordered, then please kindly wait for our pick-n-pack system to be set up where we will be sending all parts from. Christine Vardaros Hi Gareth, not just yet. I just asked about it yesterday. They are actively working on it so we expect it is a short while now before we have concrete info for you. THanks sooo much for your super patience.

Dear Christine You can't be serious! Are you telling me that the second bike is not yet build? I was told and therefore expected that it arrived in Rotterdam So I still have to wait several months before it is delivered? By the way - I'm not particularly patient - I'm just well behaved. But now you guys really must excuse me - this is very disappointing. You earlier responded to me here that both bikes were in the same ship ment.

But that seems to have been wrong. Allan Larsen Why are you giving false promises - that strategy seldom turns out well. This extra delay is really not OK. You guys really lost me there - the last tiny bit of trust in Mate, left in my body just broke. I er for meget! Christine Vardaros Hi Allan, if I me - Christine told you both bikes were in the same ship ment, then it means that I was positive about this. I just put in an urgent request to our ship ping for confirmation.

Hello, I just received a FedEx notification that my bike is being ship ped to the wrong address and only the ship per can make changes. Can the address of order please be updated. Christine Vardaros Hi Ben, is your correct address Clayton avenue? I've filled out the form to get a replacement power unit when the ship per version was dead on arrival but there's been no follow up, email etc.

What's the expected ETA on getting a replacement unit? Currently my MateX is a very expensive coat rack. Christine Vardaros Hi Andrew, we're working to set up our pick-n-pack system as quickly as possible. As soon as this is ready, your part will be sent out. Thanks so much for sticking it out. You will eventually be riding around on your zooming coat rack. Hello Christine!! I just received my 1 of 2 bike! Love the unicorn color!!! A few questions: 1. Can you let me know when the second bike is going to be ship ped? I don't think I got one. I submitted a form a few days ago for the front line and an extra battery I ordered, but not yet received.

I have not head back. Also, is there anything else I am supposed to receive as extras? Thanks, Stas Stanislav Burdeynyy Scratch 2. I found the throttle :. Christine Vardaros Hi Stas, glad you love your Unicorn! As long as you filled out that form for missing parts, you're all set. They will automatically ship when the pick and pack system is set up.

I have been hearing the 'just wait a little longer' for a month now. I really am starting to think my bike has gone missing.. I am sure there weren't 8 containers in before the container my bike was in.. I don't care that bikes are delivered as we speak.. I want to know where mine is.. Paid good money for it!!!! And they are processing 2 a week day so it is taking long. We do not have a list of any order in which containers are being processed so yes, please kindly wait while they get yours processed and out the door.

So what exactly does Ludacris mode void on the warranty? I see that the warranty really only seems to cover any problems the bike would've ship ped with but nothing that would be caused by normal use. I still believe that my bike rack has an issue as the holes don't seem to line up with where the screws are on the bike.

That and the rear fender on my bike arrived with a dent in it that prevents me from putting it on my bike. Michael Rutten It's a fun bike still, it's about an inch too wide while folded up to fit in my trunk which is a real shame, but that's what I get for having a small car. Christine Vardaros Hi Michael, the rear fender has a "dent" in it on purpose, to help it to clear the chainline. I will send you a document on how to mount fenders if this helps to have. It does not help to know because it's completely untrue!

I just built the same bike on your website today and I only saved around bucks by backing you through Indiegogo. Feel pretty ripped off. And I still haven't gotten my bike let alone a ship ping confirmation. What happens when I move in two weeks? Christine Vardaros Dear Jeremiah, if you move please let us know asap so we can do our best to reroute your bike. Jeremiah Lopez Hayes Last time I posted about moving you said you couldn't do anything.

And no response to the other points I brought up in my post? Hello Christine. I earlier recieved 2 e-mails about the ship ment of my order of 2 bikes. The info came with a couple of days in between. The container number was the same in both e-mails. The container arrived in Rotterdam d August and after 1 month one of the bikes showed up without notice. I still haven't heard news about the second bike. CS gave me a Strange answer about not all colours being produced at the same time But earlier I was told that both bikes was in the same container.

Are there any possible answer to my question: is the second bike in Holland and possibly on its way or is it not ship ped from Taiwan yet? And if in Holland, when will itmove to Denmark? But since you have one in hand, our notes are clearly incorrect on your invoice. I am actively looking into your second bike and will come here with clear answers for you asap. Allan Larsen Thank you Christine. Looking forward to your answer. I have also been wondering about why my Invoice did not show any ship ping dates Christine Vardaros i just got word that your second bike is ship ping out shortly from the factory.

So the emails were both for just the one bike. Thanks for your patience here. And agreed, strange that nothing is on invoice. I'm looking into this now - yours is not the only one. They may have changed the procedure and i was unaware of this. You WILL get an email from us the moment your bike ship s out or a week after it ship s ;- thx.

Allan Larsen You can't be serious! Are you telling me that the second is not yet build? Why are you giving false promises - that strategy seldom turns out well. Allan Larsen You guys really lost me there - the last tiny bit of trust in Mate, left in my body just broke. Any more specific information with ship ments to Latin America? All backers waiting since last year will appreciate Luis Coria 8 hours ago Could you please tell me something about my order placed in April?

Order: An aprox date? We will send you an email the moment it is ship ped out. Christine Vardaros Dear Antonio, it is normal in almost any crowdfunding campaign that those who back us earliest will have the lowest prices but possibly the longest wait time. I expect this is why you re-posted my response. Glad my response helped you. Antonio Cardoso Also, nothing is normal here. Early backers gave you the chance to finance the campaign and you treat them like shit. Christine Vardaros If i didnt care about backers, i wouldnt be here day and night - around the clock - even when i am super deathly ill, i am here for backers.

It is truly a pity that you feel this way. I care about the money I gave to a bunch of incapable people. I am based in the EU and still waiting for my bike which was ship ped on container BEAU with normal arriving weeks after 28th of July. I appreciate the challenge that you guys have faced, nonetheless I would be grateful for an update. Please kindly keep an eye out for an email with tracking number, and then the bike to come shortly after that. Do you know if extra parts were ship ped to america with the bikes? After charging my bike the first time I am getting communication errors, and the self test shows the controller is failed.

On ship ping charge a bit over half charge it worked fine on some down the road and back tests. But increased voltage caused something to fail. I sent an email in already, but am hoping that I can remedy this soon. Christine Vardaros Hi Justin, please kindly fill out this form so we can give your info to one of our mechanics to help you out asap. Justin Edwards Thanks Christine, I filled it out. Christine Vardaros super, perfect!

Can we get an update on last mile delivery for US ship ments? I ready to get to MATE-ing I love these puns. Contribution ID: Christine Vardaros Hi Andres, the bikes are out for delivery starting this week so please hang tight for your tracking email to arrive, then shortly after the bike. What is the latest on Switzerland this week, after incessant failings on delivery dates? Any concrete responses other than : "Hang tight", "thank you for your extreme patience" , "20th September all bikes will be ship ped", "I check everyday with my team","you're on top priority"???

Backer Christine Vardaros Hi Ashwin, i am waiting on further info for you. Hi Christine, I've just received the replacement charger, it looks sturdier, it has a power button, fan, and detachable power cord. It didn't throw any sparks when plugin in, though the temperature wasn't able to evaluate the battery is fully charged. However, haven't heard back about the replacement fork. Any idea when they'll be ship ped? Christine Vardaros Hi Paulo, the forks have already been ship ped to the distribution warehouse. I am waiting on more solid details on when you can expect the fork to be at your home.

Hi Christine, upon informing last week about my bike sitting for a month at the port of Rotterdam you wrote that my bike was already processed and it would ship next week That is this week. Later you replied to others that things went wrong and ship ping was moved to October. It is unclear for me now where I'm at. So many times I've held my breath. The last Sunny days for the time being are gone and I have been holding off other options for riding to work Order Christine Vardaros Hoi Dick, all 3 of your bikes are ship ped. You do NOT wait for mid-october since all your bikes are gone already a long time ago from the factory.

Order bike-1, container id: BEAU Order bike-2, container id: TLLU Order container id: TLLU As of 2 days ago the Rotterdam warehouse started to move the bikes to deliver to backers so at any moment you too will receive an email and bike shortly after - my guess is within 2 weeks. Hi Christine Have the bikes to Japan ship ped? Am I just waiting on a last mile delivery notice from local delivery? Christine Vardaros Hi John, they are now just waiting for all japan backers to email back their japanese address and pay CT.

We are pushing backers hard to get this in asap so we can finally ship bikes out. John Wicoff Thanks, Christine. Japanese backers! Get your shit together! Christine Vardaros hahahahaha exactly. Darren, reading all the problems being reported here by actual people who actually received their ship ment, I feel sad for those who have not requested a refund, and at the same time happy I managed to get my refund.

I've been riding a very well manufactured A brand bike for the past few days, and I don't regret one bit getting out of this mess here. Please be careful when you ride yours, the fork might break or the charger might catch fire. My bike is still not produced. Despite multiple request, I also get no binding delivery date. Meanwhile, reports of poor quality, broken, missing or dangerous parts are piling up. Quality control before ship ping does not seem to take place. Enough is enough.

Already 2x I had to participate in bike tours with borrowed bikes. Christine Vardaros Hi Wolf, we sincerely apologize that you have had to wait since march when you confirmed your invoice for your bike to arrive. I do get how frustrating this is. Bikes are constantly ship ping out and as for the issues you mentioned, we are handling them all. We started ship ping out warranty parts with the rest to come. We are indeed slow in the beginning as we are setting everything up from scratch. Please bear with us a bit longer. With 17 million in the pocket.

Christine Vardaros Hi Marko, this is actually in the works! More news to come. If I refuse delivery will they get ship ped back to you at no additional cost so I can get more of a refund? The amount of trust I have that you are trying to get things right is definitely fading. Are all chargers to be replaced even if they work or was it an isolated instance? Does the warranty cover fire damage? Christine Vardaros Hi Bryan, if there is a single thing wrong with your charger just let us know and we will immediately send you out a new one.

People already received replacement chargers. There were indeed a few of them that were faulty. I sent dozens of emails, you updated my invoice. A little while ago your e-mail arrives telling me to clarify the ship ping address again and then Christine Vardaros Dear Mariano, I will remind them again to implement your new address. I was notified a month ago that the 2nd bike had ship ped - container DRYU I have yet to see any email about the last mile..

Christine Vardaros Hi William, our USA bikes were brought to our LA warehouse now and starting today go out for delivery; So please kindly keep an eye out for an email with last leg tracking number. Do also check your spam please. Go through you bank for a chargeback! Raymond, I have exactly the same shit as you do. Reject the bike upon delivery and go through your bank for a chargeback.

I'm working on it Sweden Thomas, reject receiving the bike or you'll be charged for the return ship ping. Dear MateX Your reputation is on the decline. The negative press increases mega. So many customers like me are disappointed. Almost 2 months since a ship ping solution for Switzerland was announced and still no answer. Christine Vardaros Hi Roland, thanks for your thoughts.

We will be updating all Swiss backers asap. I am waiting on an update myself as well. We wrote here in our updates that all bikes out of Taiwan will be ship ped with Big Daddy and sandstorm in the box if you ordered sandstorm. Thanks for checking in. Yes, understood. But the other tires are not there!!!! Christine Vardaros Hi Ralf, bugger. They should have indeed been in the box.

Please kindly fill out this form for the tires so we can get them mailed to you asap. Hello Christine, My contribution on August 9, invoice I received an email to inform me of an expedition from Taiwan in late July. The container arrived at the end of August in Rotterdam. Can you tell me if my two bikes were ship ped at the same time? Is delivery to my home expected soon or in a few weeks? Thank you for your answer. Christine Vardaros Hi Patrick, both bikes are in the same container - will probably be delivered separately but both within the next 2 weeks is my best guestimate.

It's starting to become a joke. Do you finally have a concrete answer to give us with the assurance of doing so. Christine Vardaros Hi Nicolas, i get your frustration. I really do. Please hang tight a little bit longer while we work on getting your bikes to you asap. And it WILL be worth the wait!!!! US backer here. Just so we can all set our expectations a bit closer to reality If we haven't received an email yet, then our Mate is in final production which is scheduled to finish mid October.

After that how many weeks to ship to US? After that how many weeks to clear customs? After that another week to travel across the US to the east coast? So we're looking at early December? I realize you don't know how long it'll sit in customs but how about taking a conservative guess. Christine Vardaros Hi Johh, yes, by mid-october. Then 3 weeks by boat to the LA port. THen another weeks customs clearance, the to warehouse for last processing up to a week , then out for delivery days depending on where in USA you are - like for east coast.

Hope this helps. Got the bike this morning, picked it up at a local ship ping warehouse otherwise I had to wait until the delivery on monday. What a machine, absolutely love it! Looks awesome, drives awesome, couldn't wish for more! Oh wait, there's one small thing, the front light and extra charger are missing. Can you take care of this Christine? Or should I email support? So people, be patient, it really is coming! Christine Vardaros Hi Remo, sooo glad you finally got your bike! Can you please kindly fill in this form so we can get your parts out to you asap? Remo V Thanks Christine, submitted the form.

And also a big thumbs up for you keeping your head cool with all of these comments. Big respect for you and the rest of the Mate team! Christine Vardaros Thxxxx Remo! I really appreciate your words. I just received a lovely e-mail stating Japan is ready to ship.

I just need to pay vat which I already did and have a VAT number. I was also told to respond to the e-mail with my current address. I am sooo ready to receive my mate! She deserves some praise for her response time! Christine Vardaros hahahahaha We just resent the email.

Our mistake. Thx Brent. What is wrong again?? Is getting frustrating. Christine Vardaros Hi Rocco, i urged our ship ping department again to get you your bike asap. Christine Vardaros I just heard back from ship ping woman.

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She wrote, "it is in the warehouse they have to deliver again, I wrote it again for delivery I will follow and solve it soon". Christine Vardaros Hi Ali, your bike is produced and we are very actively working on ship ping to your region. Please stay tuned for the next update please. I see the delays with the special bikes but I still dont understand why my standard white has still not ship ped. As I mentioned before it seems clear that Mate has tossed out when the bike was ordered as part of the criteria on who gets bikes.

You seem to be able to tell people about the camo but what about plain white? Christine Vardaros HI Mitchell, when we switched factories it was after our ship ping program was already set in place. This indeed topsy-turvied all our hard effort as it was already too late to change plans.

We sincerely apologize for this extreme wait. This was never our intention. We only hope that after you get your bike that you will see that even a super long wait is worth it. Christine Vardaros HI Giovanni, hold on tight - news verrrrry shortly finally! I was told my bike is completed and boxed but still no email on ship ment. Christine Vardaros Hi Piero, your order is indeed just fine. As they ship more bikes out each week i expect it will be within the next 3 or so weeks that you will get an email.

THanks sooo much for being ok with waiting. Absolutely ludacris that you guys keep pushing the date back! Now here we are with Mid October ship ments and December deliveries. This is such BS. Christine Vardaros Hi Joseph, i do get your extreme frustration. As you know, your unicorn is already ship ped and the woodland - we just finished the mould so they are in production right now. I ordered my 2 Mate-X s on May 2nd.

I'm in California. I haven't received any notification of ship ping or any email updates. I see a recent update on this site that all US bikes are in containers and will be released soon. When will I hear about my order? Christine Vardaros Hi Michael, as a very recent backer your bike is not yet ship ped out. As for the update, I think you read it wrong. That part only pertained to those whose bikes were already ship ped.

Here is info for you that was in the update "We are now on the last batch of production! If you have not yet received any ship ping information this means you are in this batch. Our forecast is for the production to be completed by mid October. Actually let me revise my question. Is my Woodland part of the mid-October ship ment? Christine Vardaros Hi Joseph, they are double checking this for me as last they heard bikes are being made now.

Christine Vardaros Hi Murat, thanks very much for your thoughts. A question I have tried to find the answer for in the comments section a couple of times, but have had no luck.. This I received some time ago, and I believe the container has arrived in Rotterdam. So far so good. Christine Vardaros Hi Pelle, actually both your bikes are ship ped.

It seems you may have missed an email from us. Once they are through customs, they are brought now to our Rotterdam warehouse for the rest of their processing then sent out from there directly to you. Before each bike arrives, you'll get an email from us with tracking number. Hi Christian I have read the comment you directed me read We have employed trade professionals to assist us in this process for the most effective and efficient resolution.

Could you please let me know 1 what country the container was pulled aside and 2 when you will receive a report from the professionals you hired. Thank you in advance. And bikes are now soon out for delivery. You responded to me about my ship ment issue and put me in contact with Austeja. Mate wanted me to contact the courier and I did, I got the information and communicated it to Austeja but she stopped responding. Fedex said because the sender Mate did not require a signature for delivery it was left outside on the street, Fedex said their protocol is that Mate should send me another ship ment and Mate should file for a lost package.

Christine Vardaros Dear Mark, if Fedex lost your package then they are responsible. Please kindly file a complaint with Fedex and let us know the claim number. In the meantime i will ask MATE to follow up on our end and get back to you directly. Mate made two mistakes, 1 they sent it to the wrong address 2 They did not tell Fedex that a signature is required for acceptance of deliver which makes Fedex automatically leave the box outside the premises.

I've been waiting for 2 months and your response is offensive, this is a bad way to treat customers This is not Fedex's fault, but the growing pains of Mate as a startup take responsibility. So i've asked to ship it again the week after but nothing happened since then. You ship ping services told 3 weeks ago that everything was fixed then silence. Is taking an entire year to have a bike. Anyway can have the new trucking number or know where my bike is? Christine Vardaros Hi Rocco, i just requested this for you directly to ship ping manager. Please keep an eye out for tracking email to arrive.

Same request as Erik below. Please kindly check out our IGG updates or any social media to see this. And your bikes are ship ping any day now as we wrote in our latest update. Switzerland is not an easy country to ship to so we are thrilled we finally made progress. Antonio Cardoso Christine, stop arguing about Switzerland being a difficult country. It isn't. You're company is just incapable or simply not willing to pay the proper way to do so as others can with the same bike specs. Only the treble was cranked, enabling the guitars to cut through.

But what really makes the band stand out from traditional black and death metal is the way Peterson combines styles, incorporating the rhythmic techniques of French progressive and symphonic black metal. The vocals are fierce and the guitar is nasty and raw. My love of music is tied directly to the interaction between musicians, because we communicate with each other through the instruments we play. When I came up with that riff, I ran into the studio and got it down in the heat of the moment.

His teacher insisted that he learn music theory, scales and chord forms, for which Impellitteri is eternally grateful. After about six months, he had an epiphany about what to do next: hook up with his old friend Duane Betts, son of Dickey Betts. Allman has released five albums, and Betts just put out his debut, Sketches of American Music.

The two have been writing together for an album they hope to release early next year. The track effort, his seventh studio album overall, came together during his time on tour over the past two years; Vile — whose music combines a pop sensibility with a lead guitar approach that recalls the sprawling, exploratory style of Neil Young and Dinosaur Jr. Mascis — made use of his days off to head into studios in various parts of the country, from Nashville to L. That sounded completely nauseating to me. The new record is quite possibly his most expansive and creative to.

When I was I the studio working on the new Soulfly album, Ritual. I was struggling with a groove song, because my producer, Josh Wilbur, was pushing me. The whole thing just happened, and I was really blown away. I was pretty happy with myself that day. I play along to a lot of riffs on YouTube. Mostly, though, I work on my own riffs — if you want to call that practicing. I can do that from noon till one in the morning. When I go into the studio to record, I want to have as many riffs as possible, so I spend a lot of time on that aspect of my playing.

I hope one day we get to. How much songwriting do you do together, if any? I write the riffs all on my own, and Rizzo will put stuff on top of them to make them cooler. So I would say that I do about 95 percent of the writing. But what we do together works well. Are you ever going to release a groundbreaking tribal-dubstep-shoe-gaze-death metal masterpiece? But yeah, of course I'll mix it with some metal. But I have to wait for. It is just something that I want to do for my own satisfaction. Your Cavalera Conspiracy album Psychosis is almost a year old now, and I absolutely love it.

When will you tour to support it? Next year, I hope to do a whole tour and play Psychosis. A lot of people from other bands tell me they love it. Why do you seem a little tired in concert? A couple of years ago, I would sort of hold the guitar and. I had seen some Bob Marley videos in which he did that, so I was trying to imitate him a bit. I think it backfired on me. Of your faith-based songs, what top three lyrics do you find uplift your spirituality when you perform them?

There are so many lyrics that mean a great deal to me, and I feel their power when I perform them live. How has dub music influenced your arrangements and productions? Everybody flew in, and we spent four days together writing songs. It was totally cool — we did a barbecue and went swimming. It was just days of fun for everybody. Do you believe in life after death and reincarnation?

Spiritually speaking, I also believe in reincarnation. Sometimes I have this feeling of having been here a long time ago. All of that means something. Something else has got to happen. After decades of touring the world and recording albums, which of your records would you like to remembered for in years? It was definitely the most difficult album to record.

There was a lot of pressure and. It holds up. If I can scrape enough money together, will you play at my next birthday party? Those collaborations are really fun, man, and we started doing that in Sepultura. I always love working with my peers. Fuck yeah, if I could get everybody together, you never know what could happen. When you get sick of the music that you perform, what do you like to listen to? Being from Brazil, I missed out on a lot of American music, so I like to go back and check things out — music from the Fifties, Sixties and Seventies.

So much of that stuff was groundbreaking. Send your questions to GWSoundingBoard future. But the greatest hardship came in when Obscura were denied visas to enter the U. Rafael Trujillo joined and did all the touring. Trujillo complied, and when Obscura saw it they immediately brought him onboard. At the same time, switching gears like that taught me a lot and prepared me to help write Diluvium. And in pure prog style, it includes motifs that tie in with the other three albums in the series.

It would be very sad if the two albums were musical equals. In music, you need always to step up. With those three elements, it will sound like Uriah Heep! And he did in bucket loads! We cut everything live in the studio, with the full band playing together in one room. We cut this. Each of these compositions is built on strong pop hooks balanced against an overall epic prog-rock sound. It has since become an integral element in the music we create. What was the first guitar you owned? It was a black Fender Strat knockoff with a white pickguard. I was It was a brand called Boogie, like in Mesa Boogie.

It played pretty well — my father took it to a local tech who put some Fender pickups in there and switched out some of the hardware. But four or five years ago I got it back from him. What was the first song you learned or mastered? Because at some point I got a tablature book for that, and I only had that one book. So that was my official schooling. And I think that is very much due to growing up with Iron Maiden! What do you recall about your first time playing live?

He was a year older than me, but the other guys in the band, they were even older, like In my world they were like grown-ups! And they were writing their own material, and had already been to a studio and recorded a demo. The band, I think it was called Loud and Clear. Have you ever had an embarrassing moment onstage? I remember this one from back in the Emperor days. Nothing really went wrong, but it was a feeling of embarrassment. It was the last song of the set and I broke a string halfway through. I will never perform without a guitar on my stomach again.

Because when I have a guitar on my stomach I can do anything. But take the guitar away and I might as well be there naked. He plays the insane fast stuff. Do you still feel connected to that style at this point? Creatively, I actually still feel very connected to it. But not as a scene. It still feels like that core creative force, that kind of musical ideal, that magic element — that is very much the same.

Because even though I change up all the sounds and maybe the matters of how I get there, a lot of the core atmosphere that I go for — this kind of dark, existential dilemma — is still the same. What is your favorite piece of gear? My Aristides guitars. I have six of them, and I just mix and match them all the time. They are instruments of such detail and such refinement. It just resonates and sustains so well, and is balanced in all registers. I have six, seven and eight string models, and I even have a fanned fret eight-string.

But with these I can easily pull off a full Ihsahn show with just the one guitar. I think I actually have all their models now! Any advice for young guitar players? You should play guitar for yourself. You play guitar because you love it. And by doing that, if you do it enough, you might get so good that someone else might appreciate your playing.

Because whether you succeed outside of that or not, no one can take that core experience from you. What influenced you to pick up a guitar? I started out on piano when I was six or seven. I guess it fascinated me. It was just my kind of craving to write rock music. But believe me, I love to have fun, except I do it a little differently than most people. First and foremost, I wanted people who had their own voice on the instrument.

Nobody on this tour sounds like the other guy. The other thing was, would they get along and work together? Fortunately, everybody got along great. You know, these guys are professionals. Interesting, intelligent, wild, opinionated… When we were in Taiwan, Zakk and I were having breakfast at this hotel restaurant, and we were saying how the tour was this little oasis for us.

We get to have a blast on the bus and hang out. For me, it really is a welcome respite from the rigors of having to run my own show. Everybody on the tour comes from the hard rock, metal or prog world. Did you think to go outside those boxes? A blues player, say? Or maybe a country player? They were genres I thought we could kind of get away with, including myself, whatever genre you want to call me. Would you think about adding a female guitarist? Nita Strauss, perhaps? I think someone like Nita could be pretty effective in a situation like this. What goes into that planning? Instead of each guy doing a set with his own band, with Generation Axe we have each guy doing a few songs with the same band, but then they co-create with somebody else.

This November, Vai and his six- and seven-string cohorts will set out on their most extensive tour yet, 32 concerts throughout the States. Getting the old gang back together was no easy task, and Vai confirms that he began plotting the. Starting with Tosin felt good, because his music is very artistic and complex, but it has a real bang to it.

And then Nuno comes out and joins him. Yngwie felt like a great evolution from. Zakk, to keep the energy and the metal going. He shoots two cans of Red Bull before he hits the stage, and then he tears your head off. The flow of the show felt very natural. I may go back to that same kind of lineup, but there could be some changes. I have to get into that. Did you get any kind of audience feedback that might influence how you change the show?

Some of the feedback wanted us to keep things a little tighter. Plus, a lot of these venues have curfews, and it you go past a certain time you can get fined. The feedback from some people is that the show should be shorter. We have the choice of refining things and trying to keep it at three hours, or we can just go as long as we want. What do you say? Honestly, besides the obvious — being able to tour — what I get out of it is this incredible shared experience of creating music with such talented musicians. You can only use them to push you to be the best you can be. Oh, sure! Of course, you want to rise to the occasion.

It is what it is. You want them to blow you away, and you want to blow them away. We all want to be on the pedestal.

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Who knows? Was that kind of your idea, taking somebody out of his comfort zone? Aside from Generation Axe, what else are you working on? Will there be a new studio album soon? Everybody I know — come up and play. Are you going to play for 52 hours? Oh, God, no! I would love to be one of those artists who can crank out a record a year, but I get involved in so many things that I enjoy. In recent years, prop guillotines, a smoke-spewing toy box, bosomy Goth nurses and even gigantic Frankenstein monsters wrestle for space with a five-piece band, who are equally adept at racing around as they are at playing their instruments.

But she can play anything. For close to a decade, she honed her chops and reputation while building an impressively eclectic resume. She may be the only guitarist in the world that can lay claim to playing. However, it was her time as a member of the Iron Maidens, an all-female tribute band to the British metal legends, that put her on the map.

YouTube fans in the millions enthusiastically embraced the Nita and the Maidens, as they wondered how a guitarist that looked so good, could play that well. It really prepared me, because Alice expects the best, and you have to live up to that high standard. She will tell you with great pride that she grinds it out seven days a week. Then, of course, there is her exceptionally important gig as occasional columnist for Guitar World.

Controlled Chaos seemed like a perfect title for an album that attempts to show all sides of my personality. As a youngster, Strauss worshiped all the master shredders — such as Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen, Shawn Lane and Paul Gilbert — and the idea of recording a solo album was never far from the back of her mind. So, I decided to just make a snapshot of who I am as. And all these different things that I experience on an hourly basis can be heard in this record.

I lead a pretty hectic lifestyle. I travel 10 months out of the year. I do seven days a week on tour, I do five shows a week with Alice. I usually do two days of clinics. I manage to go to the gym and do all this other stuff, and it gets stressful and it bears down on me. Yeah, that was an important step. That was an epiphany.

I can do this. I can play something that I can feel happy and proud of. There was no band to act as a buffer. Was there a master plan for Controlled Chaos? I wanted to make an instrumental record that was accessible to everyone, not just fans of instrumental guitar music, if that makes sense.

The idea was to give each piece a conventional song structure, so non-guitarists would have a format they could follow. I see Controlled Chaos as a gateway drug into the world of instrumental music. What is the significance of the title? All you. I kept it super clean, and I was thrilled with the way it turned out. I am not ashamed to admit that I cried a lot during the recording of this album. Some of it was in frustration, but a lot of it was because every single song is about something.

These are not just a bunch of notes that go together sequentially and are in the same key and sound good next to each other — each song has a story. I do quite a few sessions for other people, and a lot of time the chords are just not there. This is the emotion that I want you to put in.

This is the story that I want you to tell. So, when you say you are motivated by a great concept, or a great story, you mean it literally. Each song is a movie in your mind. If I was a good singer, these songs would have lyrics. The technique serves the greater idea. How did you learn your technique?

What was your motivation? Essentially the idea was to convey somebody that is on the brink of losing everything, but they decide to take one last shot. If this fails, the ship is gonna sink. I was always the guitar player that would ask anybody around for advice and for help. Would you mind showing it to me? I never had a guitar teacher, until I joined Alice Cooper and I took my first guitar lesson four years ago.

So, I took the opportunity to learn wherever and whenever I could. And learning little bits and pieces like that every chance that I could was the best education I could have asked for. There is a lot of layering and harmony guitar playing on the album. What were your influences in terms of arranging? I was touring with a band at the time, and we were just a bunch of kids in a van listening to Avenged Sevenfold for two months. Your sound is consistent on the album.

Did you use many guitars? I really wanted to put it through its paces. I think there are two distinct paths to the quest for tone. I also use Toontrack EZMix plug-ins. Their metal packs are amazing! You play many different styles, but I can tell you are a neo-classical girl at heart. Those licks are all over Controlled Chaos. I grew up in a household that really only listened to classical music, and I purposefully left a lot of that influence off the record, because that style has been done so many times. I felt the album got stronger as it progressed.

I wanted to challenge myself, and step out of the chords I usually like to solo over, and let me tell you, that first chord progression was horrible! It was torture trying to find a melody that fit. Well, it worked for me. What were your practice habits like? Obsessive, really. It all boils down to hard work.

Talent does not exist, and you can do anything if you put in the time. There is only obsession. You have to do whatever you have to do to get those hours in. I was a weird kid. I had a hard time making friends. The only people I was friends with were people I was in bands with, and none of them went to my school. I had one friend, basically, throughout middle school and high school. No one can do your pushups for you. No one can do your practice hours for you. There are things in life that you can be given, because you have advantages, but guitar technique is not one of them.

What is it like playing with a legend like Alice Cooper? Alice is the consummate showman. But the audience will never know because Alice is such a total pro. Is there a difference? It was in my nature.

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I grew up doing gymnastics before the guitar distracted me, and I was a couple places shy of the Junior Olympic Team. I was doing ballet and gymnastics from the time I could walk.

Music Pieces

So, my circle of friends from gymnastics were all focused and driven and dedicated to become the best that we could be. How did that dedication affect your social and romantic life? I was always extremely careful about who I went out with, and who I talked to. And I avoided dating people in bands I toured with or crew in the tours, or anything like that, because that always reflects on your character and your personality as a musician.

In many ways, it was sort of a lonely ascension, because I wanted to do it the way I wanted to do it, and no one else really. Well, bad enough that I had to stop drinking. Not like that. But I definitely let alcohol and partying dictate way too much of my life for a very long time. A lot of that had to do with insecurities. Like I said, I was a young guitar player on tours with older musicians, and I thought that was the way to be part of the band. You can walk into any city, any country in the world, and sit down and order a beer and start a conversation with somebody in the bar over a beer.

And that was my safety net. But what does he really think of them? Glen was very futuristic, and when he was on, he was a good as anybody. Michael Bruce, on the other hand, was a great rhythm and riff player. He laid the foundation, while Glen went into outer space. Both were spectacular lead players. I always tell my people, Look, ego is great onstage. They want to see a great performer. Nita is an incredible guitarist and a solid person. I guess it would also be fun to put Steve Vai and Joe Satriani together. And I remember my first show that I played sober, I got offstage and I just burst into tears.

You were so confident! I loved the way you moved! I loved the guitar solo! One last thing. Controlled Chaos might never have happened without the direct support of your fans. You raised more than. Do you want to be a part of it? My Kickstarter campaign was masterminded by Josh Villalta, who is my manager and plays drums on all the tracks of the album. To be honest, I was hesitant. I thought that a traditional record deal was the way to go, but when we spoke to various labels, there was interest, but nobody was really excited about the project. But we want to own everything that you do from here on out.

What if Alice asked me to play on his next album, and the label started hassling him? Kickstarter allowed me to move forward, and allowed the fans to get involved. No less than shows and receiving rapturous reviews Robert Plant weighed in during an on both sides of the Atlantic.

Beautiful little singer. So we want to use happy to continue a tradition. They even got to hang for prime examples. Lead and Sam Kiszka out with Tom Hanks. For much of the past year and a half, guitarist Jake Kiszka has been hearing that phrase over and over. In that way, it was a very premeditated endeavor, and we went about it with that singular goal in mind: Beat what we had done and put out something that was fully structured and had its own identity.

From what I understand, you started recording with a full batch of demos, but halfway in you stopped and wrote new songs. Was that a source of conflict within the band? Not really. I think we were all pretty unanimous about what we needed to do. In the end, we took some songs we had written a. No, not particularly. All of the cuts on this album were tracked live; any production, if we thought it was necessary, came later. You can hear us all working together. Sometimes we redid certain parts — a guitar track, a bassline, whatever. Some tracks were pretty much there from the beginning; sometimes we did eight or nine takes.

Was shred ever a draw for you? Shred never really entered my world in a way I could identify with. I never knew how I could incorporate that kind of playing into what I wanted to do. Do those riffs come along fully formed, or do you have to refine and finesse them? I travel with an acoustic guitar so I can play anytime, anywhere. But yeah, riffs… they usually take shape right away. Do you. Solos are separate animals, so they can go either way. The song itself usually determines whether the solo needs to be written out or if I can just wing it.

It has two solos; the first one feels plotted out, with new ideas coming along every two measures. That was a song we had from a while back, and that solo was written out. I kind of always knew from a guitar perspective what needed to be done. Recording the new ones allowed us to see the older songs that fit into what we were doing. In the end, I think we came up with something that has its own identity.

Both solos kind of evolved from what I originally had, but they were written out, pretty much. You seem to use the slide and your fretting fingers simultaneously. I put a copper slide on the ring finger of my left hand. Do you notice a difference in your playing from before you started touring to now? Oh, absolutely. Did you use them in the studio? I played the new one quite a bit on the album. You can have two guitars that are supposed to be the same — same year, same model, same PAFs — but they sound completely different.

Any changes to your amps? Its essence is similar to a Marshall, but it has its own characteristics as well.