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Westward Expansion - Webquest with Key - This 6 page document contains a webquest and teachers key related to the basics of Westward Expansion in.
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Iron Road to the West: American Railroads in the s. Torr, James D. Westward Expansion: Interpreting Primary Documents. San Diego, California: Greenhaven Press, Primary Source Microfilm, Farmington Hills, MI: Gale.

Westward Expansion - The Wild West Unit Study

Economic History. Gale Group, Who was involved? Why did people move west? What was it like when they traveled west? Tell students that our objective today is to read several primary source documents, see Primary Sources section above, from different types of settlers in the West. We want to determine if this is what the West was really like. Pass out primary resources, see Primary Sources section above, to students and allow them to analyze them in small groups. Ask students to highlight key words or phrases that tell them how their person feels about living in the West Point of View.

Also give them an analysis worksheet to help them learn more about the document they are reading. After students have had ample time to read over and discuss their document with their group, pull students back together. This lesson is to be used as a way to introduce the unit. Students will engage in a blackboard chat about what they have learned so far and what they hope to learn throughout this unit. Students will lead a discussion on how their opinions have changed about the Wild West.

Westward Expansion Unit Study

They will be encouraged to think about what they want to gain out of this unit of study. They will also have time to discuss what they learned through the primary resources, see Primary Sources section above. Students will be given a participation grade for this assessment. Grade Level: 5th. Academic Standards Historical Background Materials. Lesson Plans Reflections Assessment. Examples Credit. Academic Standards. Historical Background Notes. Hine The notion above is obviously embellished.

Westward Expansion Unit Study

American Journey Online While many were content to idealize this movement West, there were a few that did portray the dangers. Place onto a greased cookie sheet and poke holes into the crackers with a fork.

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Bake for 9 minutes. Makes about 24 crackers. It was complete with five scenes, a playbill and a script! In his usual fashion, he chose projects that required lots of hands-on and little writing. Even with very little writing, the information he gleaned and presented was very good.

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He made a model of the Lewis and Clark keelboat using several of the toys he has around the house. He made a 2nd model of the corner watchtower from a fort that might have been set up along one of the trails west.

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He said he would have built the whole fort, but ran out of Lincoln Logs! As you can see, the play ended rather sadly. Maybe we watch too many Gunsmoke episodes on Sunday afternoons? And that comes to the end of another fabulous unit study. We sure had fun, learned a ton and made lots of memories.


I will never regret these moments spent teaching my children. I absolutely love this! May I use some of these ideas in my small 10 students classroom, please? Kathy, I hope you do use some of the ideas with your students! Have fun with your studies! This is awesome!!! Thank you SO much for putting all this out here for the rest of us!

Your kids seem to have enjoyed it-sure mine will too! Thanks again! What resource did you use for timelines and mapping?

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  8. Or did you just make it up based on researching and reading about each topic? JHancock, as we learned about each topic, we added notes in our ongoing timeline book. About how long did you do this Westward Expansion Unit? By the way, thank you so much for all of the info you put on you site. It is such a blessing! Cindy, these are such great ideas! Thank you for sharing. Thank you, Amber!

    Sadly, I never found quite the right spine for this study. I patched together the books mentioned along with some extra internet research or YouTube documentaries as needed to keep a nice thread of learning throughout. Your email address will not be published. Westward Expansion Unit Study Our time spent learning about pioneers and the Westward Expansion was so full, fun and meaningful.

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    What Did We Learn? Project Choices: Click on the image below to view and print the project list. Caleb: 3rd Grade In his usual fashion, he chose projects that required lots of hands-on and little writing. You might enjoy these pioneer lessons, too! Pin 6.