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Teach Yourself VISUALLY WordPress [George Plumley] on *FREE * shipping on qualifying offers. Clear the blog fog with this complete visual.
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Start Free Trial No credit card required. View table of contents. Start reading. Book Description Get your blog up and running with the latest version of WordPress WordPress is one of the most popular, easy-to-use blogging platforms and allows you to create a dynamic and engaging blog, even if you have no programming skills or experience. Presents completely updated coverage of new mobile blogging solutions Shares advice on customizing sites through use of plug-ins and themes and custom site editing Details more advanced procedures for self-hosted bloggers, including buying a domain, getting a web host, and installing WordPress Demonstrates key points with examples from the author's own WordPress blogs Teach Yourself VISUALLY WordPress, Second Edition clears the air around any blog fog you may find yourself in and gets you started with creating your own dynamic WordPress blog today!

Choose a Theme Install Your New Theme Introducing the Visual Mode Button Bar Introducing the Text Mode Button Bar T ry th e Altern ative P ost Scr een. Write and Publish Your First Post Add Styling and Formatting to Your Text Add Text Hyperlinks to Your Content Think Visually about Content Prepare Images for Uploading Upload and Insert an Image to a Post Work with Images in the Content Editor Upload Images to the Media Library Edit Images in WordPress Understand Featured Images Add a Featured Image Insert an Image Gallery Edit an Image Gallery Embed YouTube and Other Videos Upload and Insert Video to a Post Upload and Insert Audio to a Post Understand Categories and Tags Add New Categories Manage Categories Add New Tags Manage Tags Convert Categories and Tags Find Posts and Pages Quick Edit Posts and Pages Bulk Edit Posts and Pages Publish from Your Mobile Device Create Post Teasers Write and Publish a Page Restore an Earlier Version of Posts or Pages Import Posts from Existing Sites Chapter 8.

Understand Widgets and Widget Areas Get to Know the Widgets Screens Choose and Add Widgets Rearrange and Remove Widgets Manage Widgets from the Customizer Understand Menus and Menu Locations Get to Know the Menus Screen Create a Menu Reorder Menu Items Assign a Menu Location Edit and Delete Menu Items Add a Custom Menu Understand Options for Tweaking Your Theme Get to Know the Theme Customizer Add a Logo Add a Header Image Change Color Scheme Change Background Color Change Text Color Add a Background Image Get to Know Theme Options Use Post Formats Use Page Templates Make Your Site Mobile Friendly Understand CSS Understand Plugins Find Plugins Choose Plugins Wisely Install and Activate Plugins Deactivate and Delete Plugins Add a Contact Form Control the Display of Widgets Use the Jetpack Plugin Consider These Admin Plugins Consider These Content Plugins Understand How to Make a Site Social Let Visitors Share Your Content Add Follow Buttons Display Social Feeds Publicize Posts on Social Media Understand Mailing Lists Offer Email Subscriptions Add a Mailing List Manager Understand Comments Choose Comment Settings Moderate Comments Edit Comments Deal with Comment Spam Display Testimonials Understand Child Themes Chapter Use a Page Builder Plugin Edit Content for Search Engines Use an SEO Plugin Track Site Statistics Understand Site Statistics Understand User Roles and Capabilities Add New Users Understand WordPress Backups Back Up at WordPress.

Use Server Backup Tools Use a Backup Plugin Understand Updates Update WordPress Manually Update Themes Update Plugins Check for Broken Links Keep WordPress Secure Force Strong Passwords Limit Login Attempts Troubleshoot WordPress Find Support at WordPress. Discover More Support Options Not only is it easy to set up and use, but its flexibility and. Choose a Version of WordPress. Choose a Site Topic.

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Understand WordPress and Website Terms. Research Site Titles. Buy a Domain Name. Which version is best. It is possible to move your content from one version to the other, so you can change your mind. But as you will see, it would mean giving up different kinds of functionality. I t has been aroun d sin ce as a. The or ganizati on that developed ar oun d the so ftwar e ,.

W or dPress. What separates W ordPress fr om oth er free bloggin g or con tent.

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Y es, it is easy to. Wheth er it is tr oubleshootin g an in stallation, h elpin g with your. W or dPr ess. Non e o f these tasks is diffi cult, but th ey do r equir e time.

The trad eoff f or d oing everythin g yourself is that you can. Introducing W ordPr ess. Th ere is even a pai d opti on that allows you to tweak. W or dpress. Y ou can even create your own them e from. But your site is. Y ou can choose from m or e than 50, With a W or dPr ess. The differ en ce in cost is that. For Wor dPr ess. Both W or dPress. Clarity about your site means. Following are some.

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Wheth er you wan t to focus on a h obby or a br oad ran g e of. A website is the perfect way f or an y organizati on, lar ge or sm all,.

W ebsites that e xplain what a company d oes an d. U sin g. W or dPress posts , you can k eep visitors up to date on. Wheth er you o ffer a couple of servi ces or a lar ge catalog o f item s, sellin g dir ectly. Ther e ar e man y ways to m ake. In th e case of auth ors , you may wan t to have a. Helpin g people fin d things on th e In ternet or in th e r eal world is a. Cr eatin g a directory site is a gr eat way to or ganize. W ebsites that f ocus on.

They m ay be fr ee or paid or a. P aym ent is usu ally tak en in. Creatin g a website that en tertains is a gr eat way to d raw a lot o f visitors an d. For example , you might. W or dPress has two m ain types o f conten t:.

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Posts ar e pi eces of. W or dPress pages typi cally ar e used for. Do not confuse a W or dPress pag e with a website pag e. In divid u al W or dPress posts ,. A plugin is a piece o f so ftware that you liter ally plug in to. W or dPress to ad d n ew functi on ality. A form plugin, for.

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At Wor dPr ess. A theme is a piece o f so ftware that d etermin es not only th e look o f your. W or dPress site , but to some exten t th e functi on ality. A theme con tr ols the. A widget is conten t or fun ction ality you can ad d to your site , usu ally. For ex ample , wi d gets can display your m ost r ecent posts or conn ect to your.